Hump Day Café combats students’ mid-week blahs with bagels, coffee

Posted October 2, 2017

Wednesday is quickly becoming the best day of the week for UW-River Fall’s students. Each Wednesday morning starting at 9, free coffee and bagels are available to anyone who wants them in the Involvement Center, located in the UW-River Fall’s University Center. The Hump Day Café, the official name of the free coffee and bagels event, is put on by the UW-River Fall’s Student Government Association, which was formerly named the Student Senate.

Capitalizing on the success of the Hump Day Café of the previous year, the SGA has recently decided to allocate $2,500 to continue to provide coffee and bagels to students every Wednesday during this fall semester. Last year during spring semester the event cost $5,000 so that bagels and coffee could also be served in the library SGA President Abby Wendt explained that by focusing on distribution of the mid-week treat in one location, the SGA is able to offer coffee and bagels every Wednesday of the semester and spend less money doing so.

This event is a way to advertise the student government body and provide an opportunity for more interaction between the SGA and students. Every Wednesday, a member of the SGA will be present to answer any questions students might have or to just say hello.

Anja Gridley, the director of marketing and outreach, was in charge of advertising the Hump Day Café to students, who she says often do not even realize the SGA is behind this Wednesday morning event. She is the one responsible for the new Hump Day Café posters, which sport a camel as well as the new SGA name and logo, can be seen in the Involvement Center.

The Hump Day Café, which has provided coffee and bagels to students on three Wednesdays so far this semester, has continued to be a great success according to the SGA. SGA Vice President Kaylee Kildahl notes that the coffee and bagels last about an hour each Wednesday and there is often a line that forms before any food or drinks are set out. So far, she says, the SGA has seen great responses from students who love having something to look forward to in the middle of their school week.