College students learn life lessons while at home

Posted May 13, 2020

As I’m sure you’ve heard, starting in mid-March, thousands of college students in Wisconsin and Minnesota moved to all-online classes and began sheltering in place as universities shut down the buildings on their campuses to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

My UW-River Falls classmate, Monica, has been sheltering at home in White Lake, Wisconsin. She lost her job at a local restaurant and had to move back home. She’s assisting her little sister in online elementary school while trying to balance her own academic schedule.

“I have learned how important it is to be prepared for anything to happen,” said Monica. “So that when a situation like this happens, you don’t have to panic, you can stay in your house more and not rush getting sick, and you’ll have what you need to sustain your family and yourself.”

Another student sheltering in place is my friend Kacey, who attends the University of Minnesota. Kacey said she has learned how to be self-sustaining.

“I’ve come to truly appreciate the friendships that I have. It’s okay to be vulnerable and open with how I’m feeling, because now, more than ever, communication is essential for us all to stay safe and sound during these hard times,” she said.

My own experience with sheltering in place has taught me many lessons including practical home improvement projects. I have re-painted my bedroom and fixed a few holes in the wall, with help from my dad.