University Center Committee to offer a way for student feedback

Posted December 10, 2019

The UW-River Falls Student Senate has revived a committee that will allow students a way to give input on operations of the University Center.

“It will have two or three primary functions,” said Jack Ince, who the Student Senate on Oct. 22 appointed chair of the new University Center Committee. “The first one is to provide a way of feedback from students on University Center operations. Another thing will be looking at Student Involvement.”

The operations of the University Center refer to staffing and the day-to-day activities that take place in the building. The first issues that the committee will focus on include improving and updating Office of Student Involvement and University Center policies.

“Part of student involvement is the Student Organization Handbook, so we’ll be going through, looking at policies for both student orgs and the University Center because some are a bit out of date and we want to make sure that they are modernized and that they reflect current values,” Ince said. “We also just want to make sure that they are good for the students because that is most important.”

The committee also will examine how to improve getting student input about the University Center.

“At this point, there are ways to offer feedback in the University Center from students, but it’s not as direct and it is not a constant thing,” Ince said. “I know for example there is an input box in the UC, but when I used to be building manager I checked it and no one ever used it.”

The University Center Committee used to be active in 2014-15 but was dissolved. The new committee now is working on finding members.

Ince predicted that the committee will have its first meeting near the end of the semester.