My first wrap around: Finals Fest

Posted May 7, 2011

Every time I think of this wrap around all I hear is “JASON DERULO”. My first wraparound was for finals fest at UWRF. Our guest was Jason Derulo. I initially did th story because I heard a lot of buzzing around campus wondering why he was coming and not someone else. I wanted to get opinions of students about this years final fest pick. A good way to do that was using a person on the street interview. While successful on the POS part and all audio in general I moved on to creating the wrap. The hardest part of the wrap around was trying to find trial converters to convert files to WAV or MP3 for Audacity. (In the end I would suggest just buying a converter that does all conversions on your computer, downloading numerous trials actually fried my computer and I lost all my data!) Finally getting all of my audio into Audacity, it was hard finding the right mix of music and voice. If I could go back and fix one thing, it would be fading the music in and out better, and not covering my voice with ANY music. I just assumed I was supposed to fade in over top of the music in the beginning and fade under when I was done. While listening to it later, I realized I drowned myself out. Well it was on my first wrap and I felt I learned a very valuable lesson while attempting it.