Being a journalist here on campus has changed me as a person

Posted May 7, 2011

Covering campus media was a HUGE battle for me. Journalism is my minor, and I was really out of my comfort zone in doing this. I don’t like getting in peoples faces or talking to strangers. I hated having to introduce myself and set up interviews. It was very challenging. My Professor and I butted heads a couple of times because she would tell me to push to get the story and I felt very uncomfortable doing it. Although at first I didn’t like her for it, I grew to really appreciate her ever step in pushing me this semester. She opened me up to new things and made me a much better journalist! Without those interviewing skills you have nothing, you have an opinion which is not news media coverage. Throughout the semester I feel I really came into my own and deserved a space here on campus media. And not only are these skills that I gained helpful to my journalism career but they are very good life skill to have, and that is what I took from my journalism career this semester on campus.