Making your own future in journalism…

Posted May 8, 2011

It’s weird to think that after all these years of information gathering, reporting and media law classes that I am now suppose to go out into the world and show them what I can do with words. I have received the tools to succeed from people who have been there. I have written the stories and dreamt the dreams of the future. But now what?

I think that the future of journalism lies in the hands of today’s students; but only the students who can do it all. Today’s world of journalism is fast and competitive. In order to survive in it we must have experience in every type of media to get to the top of the list when it comes to jobs. It is these skills that will lead a young journalist to a successful career.

For me, it’s about being happy in a career of my choice where I feel I can thrive and feel that years of hard work are now paying off. I hope that my future in journalism will lead to where I have always wanted to be, at a fashion magazine. I can only hope that the knowledge I have retained in the last five years will help guide me into that fast and competitive world in a way that allows me to show my future employer that I am ready to show them what I’ve got.