In one small town, neighbors help during lockdown

Posted May 18, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to unexpected lifestyle changes for many people. Within days of Wisconsin’s sheltering-at-home edict, people began to understand the severity of the situation. Leaving the house, even to do something as simple as getting groceries, was no longer safe for some people.

Social media pages were flooded not only with news reports about the growing number of victims of the virus, but kindness and empathy for those who were suffering. Businesses and individuals worked to ensure those who were not safe in public were still getting whatever they needed.

My small town, White Lake in northeastern Wisconsin, has been even quieter than usual. Typically, this time of year, people are out walking, attending church and sharing meals. However, that’s changed immensely here.

My boyfriend’s mother makes extra food and takes it to their elderly neighbors. Usually they received their meals from a food delivery service but, due to the coronavirus, the service was no longer able to make deliveries.

The public school in my town has been offering free meals for weekly pickup for not only the students who need it, but for anyone in the community, regardless of income. This way families do not have to leave home to go to the grocery store if it is not safe for them to do so.

Many houses and businesses in White Lake now display an array of colored hearts on their windows to show support for our local healthcare workers. Members of the community have also been buying lunches and dropping them off at the local clinic to show their appreciation to the workers.

Even though it seems the pandemic has caused the world to go into hiding, people are still making a difference every day. Hard times have united people in my town, and there are many showing such kindness and generosity.