Six new student organizations see approval at UWRF

Posted September 26, 2019

The Student Government Association at UW-River Falls has recommended approval of six new recognized student organizations, including the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, the Military Science Club and the Flat Art Society.

“We don’t have the final say, we do more of a recommendation,” said Jaclyn Lee, vice president of the Student Government Association.

The recommendation from Student Government is part of the overall process in becoming a student organization.

“A representative will come to a meeting and give a brief background on what their organization is about, then we will vote on sending our approval back to the Office of Student Involvement,” said Lee. This gives students the opportunity to have a say in what happens on campus, she added.

When becoming a new recognized student organization, there is an application process and a set of minimum requirements set by the Office of Student Involvement. While the Office of Student Involvement looks at whether new organizations meet the requirements, the Student Government Association still holds some control over whether or not student organizations will be approved, said Assistant Director of Student Involvement Karyn Wells.

“If Student Senate were to not recommend an organization based on something, we would obviously take that very seriously,” said Wells. Although Student Involvement has the final say, it works closely with student government in making these decisions.

According to the Office of Student Involvement, the recently approved student organizations will be added to the 147 student organizations that are currently on campus.