Falcon News Service

These stories are reported by students enrolled in journalism courses at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. Stories may be used by other media provided credit is given to the author and to Falcon News Service.

UWRF ready to bid adieu to D2L and hello to Canvas within 3 semesters (11/28/17)

Profs and students struggle to make up for 100 sanctioned events this fall (11/20/17)

Not bored by boards: International Games Week comes to River Falls (11/20/17)

UWRF working to recruit, reassure inner-city high schoolers of color (11/13/17)

Rick Bowen court dedication reflects how far UWRF basketball has come (11/13/17)

In trout projects, ‘restoration’ might not mean ‘natural’ or ‘rehabilitation’ (11/13/17)

We must learn to challenge ideas, not individuals, UWRF climate survey says (11/13/17)

Pranksters take bike parts and locks, but owners and police aren’t laughing (11/06/17)

Here first but nearly forgotten, some Native Americans celebrate this Nov. (11/06/17)

Timeless ‘Skin of Our Teeth’ play taught humanity, crises management (11/06/17)