Falcon News Service

These stories are reported by students enrolled in journalism courses at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. Stories may be used by other media provided credit is given to the author and to Falcon News Service.

Green space, street extension, science building among changes coming to UWRF (10/10/18)

UWRF maintains stable student retention (05/15/18)

UWRF faces challenges of inversion, compression in professors’ salaries (05/04/18)

Most UWRF students of color never graduate, but one is acting like it’s OK (05/03/18)

UWRF student organization funding, requests have fallen by half since ’12 (05/03/18)

Texas fistfight brings Canadian skater to UWRF in time for ‘Year of Canada’ (04/26/18)

Canadians — ‘We think they’re just like us, but they’re not,’ chair says (04/26/18)

If you’re really sick, not just fed up, go to next ‘Year of’ nation: Canada (04/26/18)

UWRF Canadians say their culture is more distinct than Americans think (04/26/18)

Dutch treat: Students from UWRF and the Netherlands become fast friends (04/20/18)