Do we actually cover the campus “community?”

Posted May 8, 2011

When asked to cover the campus community, as a reporter you really have to ask yourself what does this mean? To one reporter this could mean something completely different than it does to another. For me, this task was to cover groups that were not always recognized by campus media. What I found was that a lot of people were not very happy with campus media and its portrayal of campus events. Some felt that certain things, like sports and Student Senate meetings, were covered more than enough and left little room in the pages for other organizations.

After hearing this I realized that they were exactly right. Although our Student Voice layout is pretty much the same every week, there is no reason why our content cant vary heavily. I did my best this semester to provide stories that were “off the beaten path” for the Student Voice so that other organizations could have some media time as well. Some were choosen, others not.

I think that it is our jobs as student reporters, editors and other staff to recognize that there is more to our university than basketball and Student Senate meetings. There are organizations, new and old, that are doing great things, holding events and pushing at the boundaries of the “campus community.” But its our job to dig, to seek them out and to tell the stories of these organizations.