Dance Theatre

Posted May 8, 2011

I found that the story that I enjoyed reporting on the most was the one about the Spring Concert Series presented by the participants of Dance Theatre. This was an organization that I was unfamiliar with until I was asked to cover this particular story. I had the honor to work with a group of students who were so passionate about what the organization stood for that I felt it ended up translating into my story.

When I had my first interview with Karla Zhe, director of the Dance Theatre program, I was overwhelmed by the amount of information she gave me. Instead of having to dig deeper and deeper for more information I was immediately welcomed into the Dance Theatre world. I had access to rehearsals, all the directors as well as the students participating.

The overall experience of reporting on this story was enjoyable because it allowed me to see how important journalism is. Everyone that was a part of Dance Theatre was so appreciative to see that their organization was getting recognition and was more than willing to help provide information which made this the best story of my college career, in my opinion.

When I was given the opportunity to use the story for River Falls Update, I jumped at it because I wanted to give back to the organization in any way that I possibly could as a thank you. The programs Spring Concert series was a great success selling out multiple shows.