Diversity in journalism

Posted May 5, 2011

I once believe that online video will slowly kill T.V. news broadcasting and that newspaper will probably lose readers, as they can get the information free online and was I wrong. Gaining the knowledge that I have today I believe that the future in Journalism will only expand in all levels of reporting because of technology. Nonetheless, with social media such as Twitter and other blogging sites growing stronger everyday I think it open opportunity for journalist to promote their work.

At this level, the job market in journalism still worries me. As a minority in journalism I feel unease because of percentage reported of minority in the field of journalism. On the other hand, I feel that I can compete with any other journalist with the knowledge I have. I feel being a minority I have an advantage. I can bring the uniqueness of being a minority into a news team with a different perspective. What I hope to bring to a news team is relating to minorities outside of a newsroom and letting them know that it is okay to talk to a reporter and get them out of their comfort zone.

Therefore, I hope to pursue reporting for broadcast news media and hope to engineer for a radio station someday, but if the opportunity is given in reporting for T.V. broadcasting or print I feel I can tackle it with my experience. I am going to continue with a positive approach as usually when thing get tough, anything is possible. “You don’t know until you get your feet wet”.