UWRF campus reporting not reality

Posted May 9, 2011

Reporting for the Student Voice this semester was everything that I had hoped it would be. It was exhilarating, challenging, fun, and easy.

Now when I say it was easy, I don’t mean that I didn’t run into sources that were rude, that didn’t want to divulge information or that disregarded my emails. I also don’t want to convey the impression that I completed my stories on time each week and was never stressed.

What was easy for me was information gathering, the essence and foundation of every story. Covering an institution like UWRF provides a journalist with great tools for them to conduct their work.

For one, there is a handy directory on the UWRF website that provides contact information for nearly every faculty and staff member as well as those within the administration. In terms of triangulating the story, there are numerous “experts” that are most likely willing to provide information about a certain topic.

Connecting with my sources was very easy for me and I was certain that if I contacted them Monday-Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. I would be able to eventually speak with them.

This world in which I lived for a year is not the reality however. Most likely, journalist cover a wide variety of institutions and topics and there won’t be one single website in which to resort. Contacts will have different hours and all the news stories will not be centralized to one geographic location.

I feel like I am ready for the challenge and will approach it with as much gusto and enthusiasm as I did this year.