UWRF staff worried about benefits

Posted May 9, 2011

One of the more memorable stories that I wrote this semester was about the budget repair bill and its potential impact on state employee’s retirement benefits.

Throughout the semester, several of my contacts would inform me about newsworthy issues that they thought I should write about or at least look into.

Around mid semester, one of my stories fell through and I was anticipating not writing a story that week, because it was Wednesday afternoon. However, as I was “working” in the political science department, Professor Wes Chapin told me that there could be a massive exodus of staff and faculty leaving UWRF before spring break because they feared losing some of their retirement benefits.

Obviously shocked and interested, I quickly got to work trying to procure as much information as possible.

I immediately got on the phone with human resources and set up an interview for later that day and also called over to the human resources director at UW-Eau Claire and managed to get some very useful information from her. Still clocked in, I then ran down to the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences to try and get some information from him. He wasn’t in his office but I talked with the assistant and she provided me with information and other contacts. I followed up with a few more staff members and had the story written by 9 p.m.